Bible in 3-D

Below are links to posts on reading the Bible in 3-D. The New Testament was not meant to be read alone, but together with the Old Testament.  Reading the NT with the OT close at hand really brings it to life!  We can't really understand Jesus without knowing something about the OT expectations that he came to fulfill.  If "Jesus is the answer," then what was the question?  Click on these links to learn more...

What Good is the Old Testament?
The New Testament in 3-D
Jesus and Superman
The Good Shepherd in 3-D
Seeing Jesus in 3-D

If you want to have a great resource at your fingertips for understanding the OT background of the NT, then buy yourself a copy of Beale and Carson's Commentary on the New Testament Use of the Old Testament (Baker, 2007). If you only own one commentary, then this should be the one. Each chapter is written by an evangelical Bible expert, and they devote all their energies to showing you the major places where each NT author is quoting or alluding to the OT. Their analysis is not exhaustive, but a great starting place for layperson and scholar alike.

Christopher Wright's Knowing Jesus through the Old Testament is an excellent resource as well. He writes on a popular level, and offers an insightful look at the way Jesus' identity and mission were shaped by the Old Testament.