Podcast and Radio Interviews

Podcast Interviews 

Quick to Listen with Morgan Lee and Ted Olsen at Christianity Today (51 min)
What can the Bible teach us about sickness and healing, particularly for political leaders? We discussed President Trump's COVID diagnosis in light of the Old Testament.

Spartan Theology with Ethan Bergen (76 min)

Ethan interviewed me about an article I wrote for a Festschrift in honor of John Walton. The book is called For Us but Not to Us. My article is entitled "The Lost World of the Torah: Functional Ontology and the Creation of a Nation."

Two Christians and a Jew with Jennifer Brown Jones, Frank, and Meir Simcha (65 min)

We discuss the concept of the image of God and compare how Jews and Christians have understood it through the centuries. A rich conversation!

BK Apologist with Alfredo Valentin (48 min)

I respond to Andy Stanley's claim that the church should unhitch from the Old Testament. We also talk about claims that the Bible plagiarizes from other sources. I highlight two takeaways from the Old Testament that EVERY Christian needs to understand. And we discuss how the Jewish Bible (Tanakh) is organized differently than the Christian Old Testament, and what difference it makes. This was so much fun!

Reading the Bible Today @ Regent College, Vancouver (64 min)

A brief lecture on the "slavery" laws of Exodus 21, considering whether the Bible is good news for people of color, followed by live Q&A.

Quick to Listen with Morgan Lee and Ted Olsen at Christianity Today (72 min)

We discussed Old Testament practices of naming in light of the San Francisco School Board's decision to rename 44 of its schools, removing names such as Abraham Lincoln and George Washington from schools.

 On Biblical Scholarship with Eric Rosenberry (32 min)

Why did I chose to go into biblical studies? What advice do I have for those starting out in academia? Why did I choose to study at Wheaton College? Why Old Testament?

Naked Bible Podcast (Episode 131) with Michael Heiser (67 min total)

This was my first ever podcast interview back in 2016. We discussed my dissertation, later published as Bearing YHWH's Name at Sinai: A Reexamination of the Name Command of the Decalogue (Eisenbrauns 2018). As a special bonus, NT Wright also appears in this episode! 

Remnant Radio with Josh Lewis and Michael Rowntree (60 min)

We had a conversation about my latest book, Praying the Psalms with Augustine and Friends. I share what I like and don't like about Augustine's approach to the Psalms and introduce some of the other voices in the book, such as John Calvin and Gertrude the Great. We also talk about why and how to pray the Psalms.

Alabaster Jar with Lynn Cohick and Ingrid Faro (34 min)

We focus on aspects of my work that relate to women -- women as the image of God, women in the Exodus narratives, and women in ministry.

Exegetically Speaking with David Capes (7 min)

We briefly discuss what I feel is the most misunderstood word in the book of Ecclesiastes, and why it matters for interpretation. 

Regent Podcast with Octavio Fernandez y Mostajo and Claire Perini (68 min)

Octavio and Claire threw me a wide range of questions, from Sinai to Proverbs and from Chronicles to Judges. If you want to know the right way to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or what a theophany is, this is the episode for you! I also explain why I'd choose the lion's den over the belly of a great fish.

Context Matters with Cyndi Parker (27 min + 26 min)

In Part 1, Cyndi asked me about my childhood and the origins of my love for the Old Testament. Then we delved into the concept of bearing God's name.

In Part 2, Cyndi and I talked about how to make sense of the troubling laws on slavery in Exodus 21. We had a rich conversation about biblical law and the character of God.
 There's Good News for the Hood with Vaughn Edmeade (54 min)

Vaughn and I had a great conversation about women and minorities in biblical scholarship.

Podcast Interviews about Bearing God's Name (IVP)

The Naked Bible Podcast with Michael Heiser (74 minutes)
We discuss the nature of Old Testament law, the heart of biblical theology, and what it's like to be a woman in the world of biblical scholarship.
Heath in Pursuit with Heath Hollensbe (48 minutes)
This was such a fun interview! We talk about the Ten Commandments, the beauty of the Old Testament, the power of liminal space, how to find Jesus in the Old Testament, and more.
The Shaun Tabatt Show (29 minutes)
Shaun asked such great questions! We talked about the relevance of the OT and what we miss if we "unhitch" from it, the uniqueness of God's personal name, the power of liminal space, the literary structure of Exodus, the Ten Commandments, my favorite Hebrew word, the meaning of Exodus 20:7, and how it relates to the Lord's Prayer. I also tell the story of some miracle french bread.
Disrupters Podcast with Esau McCaulley (48 minutes)
Esau and I discussed my journey into biblical studies as a woman and consider ways to encourage women and minorities in scholarship. I tell stories of how I was disruptive as a kid. I claim that the lists of names in Numbers are very good news. We also touch on the book, in particular reconciling my very positive view of the Torah with Paul's view. Esau wants you all to know that he started reading my blog long before I was famous. 
Food Trucks in Babylon (Western Seminary) with Patrick Schreiner and Todd Miles (51 minutes)
In this interview I show how uncultured I am when it comes to eating out, and I make my best attempt to bridge to the disciplines of theology and New Testament studies. This was a good conversation about what's at stake when we "unhitch" from the Old Testament.
Bible Project with Tim Mackie and Jon Collins (56 minutes)
Join us as we talk about the Name Command (Exodus 20:7), how the Israelite high priest is a visual model of the role of Israel as a nation, how this relates to the temple being the "place of the name," and how God's name is profaned and sanctified. We touch on the Lord's Prayer, John's vision in Revelation, and the way the my book breaks new ground in publishing. As a bonus, we also talk about how we met and how Ray Lubeck influenced all three of us. Little known fact: Jon Collins was one of my first students!
Remnant Radio with Josh Lewis and Michael Roundtree (66 minutes)
We talk about the OT law and how it applies to Christians, how different denominations count the 10 commandments differently, what's new about the new covenant, and how Jesus relates to the law.
Portions with Scott Volk (Part 1, 21 minutes, and Part 2, 31 minutes)
In part 1 of this two-part interview we talk about how the OT law is a gift, not a means of salvation. In part 2 we look at challenging NT texts that seem to characterize the law negatively and we consider whether Christians today must keep the Sabbath.
Church Grammar with Brandon Smith (39 minutes)
We discuss the Institute for Biblical Research (2:05), YHWH and Sinai (3:00), God's covenants and the Great Commission (16:43), Gentile inclusion and the "spirit" of the Law (24:58), and practical implications for bearing God's name (34:50). 
(Re)thinking Faith with Josh Patterson and Marty Frederick (69 minutes)
We address misconceptions about the Old Testament and specifically how the law functions. We talk about the command not to make "graven images" and its afterlife in the church today. And of course we talk about what it means to "bear Yahweh's name."
Theology of Hustle with Currey Blandford (57 minutes)
We talk about the need to understand and love the Old Testament. We also cover women in ministry, biblical theology, liminal space, and of course the name command.
Conversations with Michael Carroll (41 minutes)
We talk about my doctoral mentor, Daniel Block, how I landed on this topic, and how to read the Name Command. We talk about salvation (in connection with Matthew Bates' 'Gospel Allegiance') and biblical resources for navigating a global pandemic. Then I offer some bonus content, not in the book, showing how the Old Testament can be a means of transformation for Christians.
OnScript with Matt Lynch (55 minutes)
We discuss what's new about the new covenant, what it means to be God's treasured possession, and how to interpret the command not to "take" God's name in vain. I talk about the influence of my mentor, Daniel Block. We also do a "speed round" in which I answer the question, "How do you solve a problem like Maria?"
The Outpost with Josh McNall (61 minutes)
I share my church background and how I ended up in as an academic. We talk about what it means to bear God's name and I address potential objections to my interpretation. Josh asks me about the concept of election as blob tag, and I choose one person from the Old Testament with whom I'd love to spend a day (any guesses?). 
Working for the Word with Andrew Case (78 minutes)
This is a podcast designed especially for Bible translators, so we went a bit deeper and got more technical than the typical podcast interview. Andrew asked me about passages that may seem to contradict my interpretation of Exodus 20:7, and we talked about the difficult work of communicating the truths of Scripture in another language.
Center for Hebraic Thought with Dru Johnson (32 minutes)
Dru and I discuss how the laws of the Old Testament can inform Christian ethics, using examples. 
Daily Thinker with Augustine Madiebo
Augustine gets the award for most enthusiastic reader of Bearing God's Name! His energy is palpable and he's passionate about getting this message to his generation.

Theology Project with Matt O'Reilly (57 min)

Matt asked me about the value of the Old Testament for Christians, how to read the Name Command (Exodus 20:7), and why it becomes an interpretive key for the entire canon.

The Stone Table with Travis and Mickey Lowe (49 min)
This is the podcast for Baylife Church in Florida, a Southern Baptist church after their church's sermon series on Exodus. We talk about our journey into missions.

Anna Moseley Gissing of InterVarsity Press interviewed me for Seminary Now (24 min)

Anna is my editor at IVP. We had a fun time talking about Bearing God's Name!

Expedition 44 with Will Ryan and Matt Mouzakis (47 min)

Expedition 44 is a podcast of Covenant Theological Seminary in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. In addition to Bearing God's Name, we discuss the dangers of Christian Nationalism.

First Reading with Tim McNinch and Rachel Wrenn (43 min)

We approached the Ten Commandments more broadly with tips for pastors about how to preach this text. What important things do pastors need to know that will help them do it justice? 

Between the Creations with Laurien Hook (42 min)

Laurien and I had a great talk about the Law, Jesus, and why we should dig deep into the Old Testament.

The Stone Chapel with David Capes (21 min)

A good introductory conversation to the topic of bearing God's name.

Life. Together. Unscripted. with Dom Macaluso (56 min)

Dom is a Presbyterian pastor from Southern California living in Australia. He and I had an unscripted conversation about Old Testament law and how to support women in ministry in complementarian contexts.

Youth Ministry Team with Jeremy MacDonald and Marc Jolicoeur (46 min)

We talked about what it means to take God's name in vain and how our answer matters to teenagers. What are we teaching them about the Old Testament and about their mission in the world? How can we equip teenagers to have a thoughtful engagement with the world?

'Can I Say This in Church?' with Seth Price (53 min)

We cover all the bases: the meaning of the Name Command, what it means to be the image of God, why the church still needs the Old Testament. Another fun conversation!

Exegetically Speaking with David Capes (7 min)

We briefly discuss Exodus 20:7 and why I don't think it is focused on the way we say God's name.

Wesley Seminary Podcast with Aaron Perry (40 min)

Why does the Old Testament still matter? How is it missional? How does the command not to bear God's name in vain become an organizing principle for the entire Bible? How does Jesus relate to OT law and how does it continue to function today? Is there an unforgivable sin? What should we do with passages in the Bible that offend us?

Radio Interviews

Prairie Radio with Dan Callaway (17 minutes)
We discuss the release of Bearing God's Name and some of its big ideas.
Songtime Radio with Adam Miller (27 minutes)
We talk about why the Old Testament is essential for Christians and how we can find grace in it.

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