Saturday, October 17, 2009

why I need a graduate degree in theology ...

... to answer my children's profound questions!

After watching the 'balloon incident' on the internet, where a 6-year old boy was thought to be trapped in a homemade weather balloon sailing across the Colorado sky, Eliana and I were talking. The whole matter must have touched a deep chord in her because the questions started pouring out one after another:

-Is there something beyond space?
-How will we go from here to heaven? Will we just drive out into space until we get there?
-When someone dies, isn't it really God's fault because He didn't stop it?
-I think there will be some sorrow in heaven because we'll look back on our life and say, 'Uh, why did I do that?!'

We were thankful to hear a few hours later that the boy had been found safe, and hadn't been in the balloon after all. But I was also glad for the glimpse into the mind of my 8-year old. I didn't expect "the problem of evil" would be part of our conversation at this stage in her life, but it's truly a joy to engage such profound theological questions right here at home!

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