Monday, November 30, 2009

lunchtime theology

Emma (age 4) and I are having lunch together right now.  A few minutes ago she asked,

"Is God real?"  I suppose her question was prompted by yesterday's conversation about whether or not Santa is real.

"Yes!" I told her, "God is the realest one that is!"

She considered this for a moment.  "Is it REALLY his birthday?"

Hmm ... how to answer that one?  I explained that we call Christmas his birthday celebration because it helps us to remember when he was born, but it's not like our birthdays because Jesus is not actually getting older every year.  He has always existed.

"Mommy, what is he doing right now?  Standing or sitting?"  She has no idea what a good question that is!

 "Well, the Bible tells us that right now Jesus is standing beside God the Father in heaven.  When all his work on earth is done, He'll sit down.  But He still has work to do."  (I'll have to check that one out later and see if that's how the Bible really does describe it.  This was theologizing on the fly!)

"Wow!  He's been working a LONG time!"  She paused for a while.  "Mommy, are there lots of Gods?  Like good ones and bad ones?"  (I wonder where that one came from!)

"No.  There is only ONE God, the one who made us.  He's the one we worship.  There are bad angels, but they aren't powerful like God is."

"Ohh!"  She seemed glad to hear it. 

And I was sure glad to tell her!

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