Monday, December 21, 2009

disaster averted

Today my hands were definitely FULL.  We hadn't even made it to breakfast this morning (the first official day of winter break) when Eliana (8) announced that she was "leaving."  Apparently the gross injustices of life in our household had taken their toll and she was calling it quits.  My infraction (i.e. giving Emma the bowl to lick and Eliana only the beater) was unforgivable, and the suitcase was already out and ready to be packed.  Emma was pretty concerned that Eliana would be gone forever, and wondered if she could go along.  (Though both of them planned to stop back by on Christmas morning for their gifts).  When they heard that little girls who run away don't get any Christmas presents they were sobered.

I suggested that Eliana eat a good breakfast before she hit the highway.  She lit up and decided that was a good idea.  By the end of breakfast we were all laughing again, and decided that winter really is a bad time to run away anyway.  Eliana postponed her rebellion "until warmer weather." Phew!

My only concern now is that there are still 13 days left before school starts again ... What will tomorrow hold?

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  1. Tell Eliana that I ran away once when I was around her age. I packed a bag, didn't tell anyone I was leaving, and walked out. I made it to the end of the driveway and looked down the road both ways. It was then that I realized I HAD NO WHERE ELSE TO GO!! So, I went back in the house and unpacked my bag. To my knowledge, no one ever knew I did this! I never thought about leaving again...until I was 18! Then, I left for good!!
    Aunt Bonnie