Sunday, May 9, 2010

a seminary mom's mom

I wish that all of you could know my amazing mom.  For the past 33 years (almost) she's been my cheerleader, encourager, listener, and (for a long time now) my best friend.  For 9 years she's invested in my children as only a grandma can.  No subject is too trivial, no issue too deep for us to talk about.  Her availability has been such a blessing, helping me to weather the storms and celebrate the victories of motherhood, school, and life in general.  Her prayers have upheld us.  Her gifts have cheered us.  And her love has carried us through.

Mom has a remarkable ability to make something out of nothing.  Her resourcefulness, creativity, and thriftiness have made lean years into happy ones.  And that resourcefulness has undergone severe testing; since her car accident 6 years ago even energy and mobility are in short supply.  But in the midst of more pain than most of us will feel in a lifetime she has persevered and continued to care for those around her.  Her brilliant creativity is trapped inside a body that won't cooperate with her ambition, yet she makes use of the brief moments of respite from pain that she has.  And through it all (because of it all!) her faith is vibrant.  She prays, she dreams, and she continues to remind me that no matter how broken our bodies or discouraging our circumstances we can worship the God who made us, loves us, and is working out his purpose in our lives.  Her willingness to share the journey with me -- no matter how hard -- is such a gift.  What more could a daughter want?

I love you, Mom. You're a blessing from God!

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