Wednesday, December 15, 2010

embracing change

Though life is very happy for us here, all of us are excited about the changes ahead.  I have the "itch" to clean out closets and get rid of as much as possible so that we can more easily stage and sell our house in the spring.  Eliana is totally on board.  (And Danny wonders why we kept it all in the first place!)  Emma is usually a "saver," but she did us a favor by puking on her whole box of old coloring books last night, making it much easier to part with them.

Easton (age 2-1/2) is showing his own unique version of flexibility.  Yesterday he announced that he was poopy. 
I said, "Well, let's go in your room and I'll change you."
He said (enthusiastically), "Change me A LOT, Mom!"


I can hardly keep track of the cute things the kids say.  Tonight Easton told me, "Mom, my throat hurts.  Can you put some cream on it?"

And I overheard Emma (age 5) in the living room teaching Easton the difference between "opaque," "transparent," "fluid," and "viscuit" (that's viscous).  Her kindergarten teacher is obviously doing a great job!


  1. Well, we don't know where yet, but yes, we hope that I'll be accepted into a PhD program and be able to start in the Fall of 2011. So that means moving! (There aren't any PhD programs in Biblical Studies in close proximity to us).

    If you missed the announcement, it was here: And more on the journey here:

    I won't know if I'm accepted until mid-March. By that time we'd like to have the house on the market. We plan to move after school gets out for the summer. Danny will continue working for SIM remotely.

  2. Oh, poor Emma. Hope she feels better now and doesn't miss her coloring too much!! Hard to believe a move is probably coming up for you! I'm not used to you being in NC yet!