Monday, April 11, 2011

spouse appreciation day

I just stumbled across a gem in the preface to a book by Frank Thielman entitled Paul and the Law. I almost always read the preface because it tells me so much about the author and what is most important to him or her.  After listing all those who helped in the writing of his book, Thielman says this:

"More than from anyone else, however, the time and energy to write this book were a gift from my wife, Abby.  Her constant love and unselfish concern for the advancement of the gospel make my work possible.  If the book clarifies to any extent the shape of Paul's theology, it is largely because Abby's unselfish help with my other responsibilities gave me the time to think about Paul and the law.  We will both be satisfied that the long hours were worthwhile if the result edifies the church and brings glory to its King and Head." (13)

This captures so beautifully how I feel about my work as a Christian scholar. It is a joint effort, Danny's as much as mine.  This morning I successfully defended my masters thesis entitled "Treasured Possession: Peter's Use of the Old Testament in 1 Peter 2:9-10" with Danny by my side. In the acknowledgments I say this:

"Though his name will not appear anywhere on the following pages, this thesis is as much as product of my husband's hard work as it is mine.  Not only has he arranged our schedule so as to maximize my study time, but Danny has managed to make this a joy-filled journey for all of us.  How many wives have the blessing of returning to a clean and peaceful home, with a hot meal on the table or the children bathed and tucked in bed? Danny has given me this gift more times than I can count.  It is with joy that I dedicate this work to him and to the precious children God has given us."

Like the Thielman's, Danny and I are one in our desire to see scholarship advanced and (most importantly) the church edified by this work.  I am so grateful to be doing this together!

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