Thursday, September 29, 2011

overheard yesterday evening

Easton (age 3): What do we have tonight? Are watching Brady Bunch? Are we having a family meeting?

Danny: We're doing our chores, and then it's "time with Mom."

Easton: Wahoo!

I get to be with the kids after school every day, and then after dinner I get 20 minutes alone with each of them.  Eliana and I are reading Bruchko, a missionary biography. Emma and I often play a game together. Last night, Easton and I listened to Dave and the Giant Pickle on tape (Veggie Tales' version of David and Goliath), and then we got out my favorite children's story Bible to read the story there and compare.  Easton has a current fascination with Dave and the Giant Pickle, and listens to it several times a day (this is, by the way, not on my top 10 list ... or top anything list!). He seems to really comprehend what's happening in the story.

Easton: Dave lives in Israel.

Easton (on hearing the word Philistines): That's a funny name! 

Easton (at the end of the story, celebrating): Israel was saved!!

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