Saturday, December 17, 2011

running behind on Advent devotions?

We are, too. We did Zechariah and Elizabeth this evening, which means we're three days behind. The good news is that with this Advent Tree there are seven more stories that come after the birth of Jesus. So if you get behind you can just keep on going until you're through (and if you get a whole week behind, you can read about Jesus' birth on Christmas Day). What better way to spend the week after Christmas than reflecting as a family on Jesus' life and ministry! One of the dangers of ending the story with his birth is that it becomes a "cute" story about a baby, rather than the powerful, world-transforming event that it was. I'm looking forward to talking with our kids about the ways that Jesus fulfilled God's promises found in the Old Testament -- not just in his birth, but with his life, too.

HE is the snake crusher!
HE is the king reigning on David's throne!
HE is the servant who suffered for our sins!
HE is the one who gives us new hearts and writes God's law on it!

(Shhh . . . don't tell your kids yet. I wouldn't want to spoil their moment of discovery!).

Perhaps this month's busy schedule robbed you of the opportunity to do something like this for Advent. No worries! Now you have a whole year to get ready.

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