Saturday, May 19, 2012

a dose of encouragment . . .

. . . for all you moms out there:

Beautifully written, and so true.



  1. Yum... (as Annie Herring would say).

    How are you? How are you doing at keeping up with the pace you set for yourself? I'll tell you how I'm doing--lousy. But I decided that of all the pages I set myself to read and translation and write, it's the writing that's the most important. So keeping up with that (which I have done for a week so far) is my new definition of success.

  2. Laura,
    Glad you're able to see what's most important. I'm told that the process of writing a dissertation is an extended exercise in decreasing expectations. Very, very few will actually change the world or make a significant contribution to scholarship. We are learning how to think and how to write, and we're earning a spot at the table where the wider conversations are happening.

    Having said that, I'm happy to report that this month is going really well. I readjusted my expectation of how much German I need, decided to wait a couple more weeks on French, and focused on writing my first chapter section. Whenever I wasn't sure what to do next I chipped away at my comprehensive reading list. This past weekend I went on a study retreat and wrote the first 3% of my dissertation! It really flowed, and I am so encouraged to have a start on paper. It needs so more work before I turn it in, but it went much faster than I expected.

    Meanwhile, I finished the longest book on my comps list (1278 pages) and translated two German articles(one relevant, one turned out not to be). I know there will be discouraging times, but this week was not one of them.

    Thanks for asking, Laura. Keep plugging on!