Friday, November 2, 2012

Ravi Zacharias: study as worship

Ravi Zacharias recently spoke at Wheaton College on "The Cause, The Cost, and The Commitment." He cast a stirring vision of what God can do through one individual who is willing to count the cost and become a world-changer. He urged us to be men and women of prayer. He urged us to get close enough to people that we can see their pain and own it. And he reminded us that though a vision starts with one, it is carried out by many. He told us the story of his own daughter, Naomi, who attended Wheaton and while here developed a burden for women and children around the world who are caught up against their will in sex trafficking. That burden has shaped her life and ministry ever since.

"This is your worship. This is your service."
But Dr. Zacharias insisted that our lives are not "on hold" while we're in school. I love what he said about these years of preparation:

"Your preparation these years is not just your preparation. It is your service to God as one being prepared. Always see it in those terms. It is the expression of your worship in how you are preparing for what it is that God is calling you to do."

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