Wednesday, February 27, 2013

just one year

my second chapter in progress
They say the first year goes by quickly, and that it should be cherished. (By this I'm pretty sure Carter's means that you should go ahead and buy lots of darling outfits for your baby, because they'll only be that little for a short time—a clever marketing gimmick!) It's true. Time flies.

But I hope this year does not. Danny informed me yesterday that I have exactly one year before my dissertation defense draft is due (click here if you need a refresher on what that is). I'm shooting for a defense date of April 11, 2014. That means it's time to buckle up and buckle down!

my second chapter ... finally done!
A Wheaton dissertation must be no more than 100,000 words (roughly 300 pages). I've written over 40,000 words so far (about 130 pages). Last week I turned in my second of four main chapters. Today I'm revising my first chapter. Next week I'll dive into my third.

I'm still taking one PhD Seminar and studying Ugaritic, but in two months I'll be ABD, with nothing standing between me and the deadline. Eliana (11), who doesn't miss a trick, has begun telling her friends they can call me Dr. Imes.

Easton celebrates progress!
Meanwhile, I'm chipping away at my comprehensive reading list, and the kids are cheering me on every step of the way. After I turned in my second chapter, Danny and the kids picked me up from the library and whisked me away to Olive Garden to celebrate. I had barely opened the van door when Easton (4) asked cheerfully, "Mom, are you done with your PhD?"

Not yet, buddy. But I'm getting closer!


  1. Carmen,
    I came across "Seminary Mom" from another blog, and the name caught my attention. Been there, and done that! I was pleasantly surprised to see that you are studying with Dr. Block. My husband, Phillip Marshall, studied OT with Dr. Block and Peter Gentry while we were at Southern Seminary. We have good memories of the Blocks. I wish you well on your dissertation and being a mamma!

  2. Cheryl,
    Nice to "meet" you! Thanks for leaving a comment!
    I met your husband briefly at SBL. He found me in the book tables and said hi. Nice to be introduced to your blog and (through yours) your husband's!
    The Blocks are indeed wonderful people. We feel so blessed to know them!