Sunday, April 14, 2013

embracing the ordinary

If you're one of those radicals who intended to change the world . . . but ended up changing diapers instead, this post over at The Well is for you.

May God give each of us courage to do the hard work of loving when life is ordinary.


  1. I thought I would respond here rather than there... I have struggled with the same questions. Lord, why am I here in the suburbs changing diapers rather than in downtown Detroit caring for the homeless?

    For me, it finally came down to two things: calling and making disciples to the ends of the earth. Changing diapers was, for a season, my calling. And we have to be salted in suburbia, too, so that we can be and make disciples throughout the earth.

    But I have to admit that sometimes I still question whether that second one is just an excuse to be comfortable...

  2. I hear you, Laura. It's a constant question -- am I listening? am I willing? am I obedient?

    Perhaps that most difficult thing about entering doctoral studies is the nagging feeling that this is taking me too many steps away from real people with urgent needs. In my heart of hearts I understand the need for sustained and thoughtful reflection on Scripture, and I see the value of this kind of study for the church and for the world. This is a calling. But I wish it allowed more time for engaging with people and serving them in other ways. Sigh.