Friday, May 17, 2013

goodbye, preschool!

Easton's Last Day of Preschool,
posing with Mrs. Cline and Mrs. Binkerd
In honor of Easton's last week of preschool, my Mom came up with a new tagline.

It used to read
reflections from Seminary Avenue (on anything from preschool to PhD)
Before that it was
reflections from Seminary Avenue (on anything from diapers to dissertation)
Now you can see it says
reflections from Seminary Avenue (on anything from ABC's to ABD)

No more diapers.
No more thumb-sucking.
No more bibs.
No more sippy cups.
No more training wheels.
No more stroller.
No more preschool.
Our little man is really growing up!

ABC's are a big part of Easton's world right now. When he first started learning to read he would climb down from his bunk bed in the morning, book in hand, eyes barely open, and ask if he could read to us. The book traveled with him all day long. He was obsessed.

Now he's back to drawing and playing and listening to music -- but he still loves to read. He's eager to learn about the world around him, and he's full of questions.

"Mom, why is the 'g' silent in this word?"

"Mom, why does every kid come with a grown up?" (He later decided that kids need grown-ups to remind them to do their chores before dinner and to make sure they don't fight with their sisters. I'm glad we're good for something!)

"Mom, why did God make bugs?"

"Mom, are you almost done with your dissertation?" (He's not impatient, just wondering.)

Tonight at dinner he prayed, "Dear God, please help Emma's knee to feel better. Please help Ana to have fun at Gwyn's house. And please help Mom as she writes her dissertation."

There may be a big gap between learning ABC's and being ABD, but at our house the two go hand in hand.

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