Saturday, August 3, 2013

this summer by the numbers

I realize the irony of writing this post after the last one, but rest assured that none of these numbers define who I am. They just give you a picture of what I've been up to this summer!

0 - landlords on the planet who are better than ours
1 - core dissertation chapter left to write
2 - new cousins our kids gained this summer (wahoo!)
3 - VBS programs our kids participated in this year
4 - total number of core chapters in my dissertation
5 - years since Easton was born
5 - live paintings I did on stage during VBS
6 - hour drive to Honey Rock to pick up Eliana
10 - days Emma and Easton had swimming lessons
12 - total days Eliana will spend at Honey Rock
15 - years Danny and I have been married
16 - years old our oldest neice is - old enough to come visit us!
17 - days' notice we had before Danny's brother got married
18 - days until school starts
27 - number of camp scholarships raised by VBS kids
32 - books left on my comprehensive reading list
36 - years since I was born (as of today)
43 - days until my next chapter is due
45 - weeks until our lease is up in Wheaton
48 - months this blog has been running
91 - pages in my latest dissertation chapter
125 - kids in our church's VBS program
188 - books I have finished on my comps list
189 - approximate gallons of latex seal coating Danny applied to driveways with our landlord
207 - days until my defense draft is due
235 - total pages I have written so far
273 - pictures I took at Danny's brother's wedding
280 - days until graduation
315 - total number of blog posts I have published
1,349 - dollars the kids brought during VBS to help fund camp scholarships through Sports Friends
2,589 - pages left to read carefully for comps
15,232 - total pages to read carefully for comps
26,171 - words in the chapter I turned in yesterday
34,182 - pageviews on my blog to date
73,080 - words I have written for my dissertation
100,000 - dissertation words I am allowed to write
limitless - grace of God that has carried us through another season!

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