Monday, October 27, 2014

Dear Professor Imes

A few days ago I shared the happy news that I have been asked to teach a course on the Gospels and Acts at Multnomah University in the Spring. {insert happy dance} One way to tell that you're doing what you were born to do is that you completely lose track of time while doing it. Last night I stayed up far past my normal bedtime, devouring the stack of books that arrived yesterday from Zondervan. Publishers are eager to share their latest publications with professors, in hopes that they will require students to buy and read their books. (I've already received several emails addressed to "Dear Professor Imes" -- music to my ears!) Here are the latest additions to my library, complements of Zondervan, InterVarsity, and Bible Places:

Since I've focused almost entirely on the Old Testament for the past 3 years at Wheaton, my New Testament library is a bit thin. This will go a long way toward equipping me to equip students with the tools they need to understand the Gospels and Acts.

I can hardly wait to get started teaching. But first I need to craft a syllabus, which entails choosing which books will be most helpful to my students. That means I must spend many happy hours reading. {insert long, satisfied sigh}


  1. Hello Carmen!

    I wanted to introduce myself (informally) over your blog. My husband, Josh, just sent me the link for your blog this morning. I would be thrilled to meet you in person! Apparently you and your family have been attending our church, OCEC and you are also teaching a class! What??!!! I think we've probably seen each other in passing. I'm usually back back the coffee stand. My husband is the middle school youth pastor. And, this news of you teaching at MULTNOMAH!!!! I'm ecstatic over!!! Josh and I both attended Multnomah! What awesome news for you!!! Anyway, it would be fun to meet in person!

    1. Anna,
      So nice to "meet" you! I'll try to find you at church. I finished teaching my series at OCEC for now, but hope to do so again in the future. So glad to meet Multnomah grads who are serving in ministry!
      Thanks for writing!