Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Best Gifts of 2014

Photo: Carmen Imes
In honor of the traditional day on which the gifts of the magi are remembered, I'm thinking about gifts I received in 2014. Some of the most precious ended up as popular blog posts, too. A painting, a pottery bowl, great books to read, friends who point me to Jesus, an adventure in Israel, and a year's worth of family memories. There were many other gifts, too, that I didn't blog about, but these are worth celebrating!

The Gift of Art . . .

       April 19 - A Pottery Bowl
       Sept 23 - A Painting

The Gift of Great Books . . .

      April 8 - Called to Be Saints
      April 22 - The Sweet Side of Suffering

The Gift of Friendship . . .

       Dec 15 - A Chat With Jesus

The Gift of Shared Adventure . . .

       May 18 - A Trip to Israel

The Gift of Children . . .

       Jan 8 - Days to Treasure
       Apr 13 - Things to Laugh About

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  1. Hi Carmen!

    I was in the Gen-Song of Solomon class you taught for Dr. Lubeck on Monday night. I wasn't sure how else to get a hold of you, but I was wondering if you could tell me what story you were referring to when talking about the legend of the two gods who tricked each other into giving their names. I'm teaching at a retreat this weekend and wanted to use it. Thank you! My email is BrookeNPerry@gmail.com if you'd like to email me. I so appreciate it!