Friday, September 11, 2015

a scholar's prayer

My Desk (Photo: C Imes)
For those whose desks, like mine, have been swallowed by dissertation research . . .
For those in the throes of writing a book or an essay . . .
For those laboring over a new language or a new discipline . . .
For students just starting out in academia . . .

I invite you to pray this prayer with me. You can find it in full at InterVarsity's blog for Women in the Academy and Professions, but it applies just as well to men.

May He be glorified by the works of our minds!
as a new day dawns,
I offer thanks for the privilege of learning —
For the time, the mental acuity, and the resources at my disposal. 
Thank you for the delight of discovery. 
These are precious gifts... 
Let me love the truth 
more than I love what I have thought or said or written. 
Grant me the courage to confront falsehood, even in myself, 
to defend an unpopular position, 
or to surrender a cherished opinion found wanting...
For the rest, click here.

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