Thursday, September 8, 2016

a college student's back-to-school prayer

Thank you, Lord,
for a new semester.

Thank you for providing the means for me to study
in a community of fellow learners.

Sharpen my mind,
so that I can learn to think clearly and critically.

Melt my resistance
to new ideas that are good and right and true.

Calm my anxiety,
as I face an overwhelming list of assignments to complete.

Banish fear
so that I can embrace the task of learning with joy.

Help me to take one day at a time.

Open my heart
to those around me,
so that I can form deeper friendships.

Make me a blessing
to my fellow students
and to the faculty and staff who serve us.

Create here a community
in which transformation can take place

Equip us
to carry out the work you have planned
for us to do.

Above all, may we glorify you
through all we say and do this semester.

For the honor of your name,

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