Thursday, February 4, 2010

the best Valentine ever

It's that time of year.  Red roses and heart-shaped balloons flank the check-out aisles at Wal-Mart.  Rows of syrupy cards and boxes of chocolates are agonized over, purchased and delivered.  At our house, though, every day has been Valentine's Day for quite some time now! 

Danny thrives in helping, planning, organizing, and making life happen.  His love language has always been 'acts of service,' and these days I am sure feeling loved! 

He loves me on Mondays when he cleans the kitchen, bathes the kids and puts them to bed while I'm at school listening to lectures. 
He loves me on Tuesdays when he he does it all over again so I can memorize funny-looking German words.
He loves me on Wednesdays by working an extra long day so our crazy schedule will work.
He loves me on Thursdays when he asks me about what I'm learning and listens even when its obscure.
He loves me on Fridays when he gives up his free time so I can 'get ahead' on my reading.
He loves me on Saturdays when he watches the kids all day while I study and I come home to a clean house, dinner on the table, and happy children.
He loves me on Sundays when he takes out the trash and plans our week to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

He loved me 2 weekends ago when he took all 3 kids ... by himself ... to the beach ... for 3 days ... so I could study.

He loved me the day I came home from a long day at the library and he told me to go have some free time to myself (without homework!).

In some ways this may be the happiest season yet in our marriage.  We're both doing what we love to do.  Thanks, Honey!  You're the best Valentine ever!!


  1. THAT is an awesome man! I have one just like him and I can't even begin to thank Jesus enough for giving a me a man who helps my dreams happen as much as he pursues his own! Blessings beautiful friends!!

  2. Carmen, what a nice valentine message to Danny. You're both doing amazing things, and I'm proud of both of you. Onward and Upward! V-Mom