Monday, March 22, 2010

Southeastern Regional ETS Meeting

This past weekend I participated in the Evangelical Theological Society's meetings for our region.  I rode down with a couple of gals from school and we had a great time getting to know one another.  For the first time I presented a paper during one of the parallel sessions.  There were 67 such papers presented, 10 at a time in different rooms.  Only four of the presenters were women.

My paper was entitled, "Eyes Besmeared: Jesus' Re-enactment of Isaiah's Mission in John 9."  I enjoyed reading it and fielding questions and feedback afterwards from the 9 brave souls who attended my session.  (Average attendance ranged from 3 to 20 or so for each paper).  I attended papers on a wide range of topics including Greek Grammar, Ethnic Diversity in Mission Leadership, Soul Care of Widows, and the Use of Psalm 68 in Ephesians 4.  Conferences such as this one are a great way to see what kind of scholarship is happening at other institutions in the area, to meet others who are on a similar journey and to sharpen each other's skills.

I'm still hoping to publish my paper in an academic journal, so I'll wait to share more details.  If you'd like to read it, shoot me an email and I'll be happy to send you a copy.

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  1. Hey Carmen, I'd love to read your paper if you want to email it to me!! Or, I can wait till it is published if you'd rather!!