Sunday, March 27, 2011

double digits

It's a crazy feeling to be the parent of a kid who is entering her double digits.  TEN.  Where has all the time gone?

Ten years ago today we were wondering if our baby would ever arrive.  The three days that she waited until after her due date to arrive were the longest three days of my life.  But then she came. (Surprise!  I had myself convinced it was a boy!)  And so did the wonderful, challenging, joyful and exhausting world of parenthood.  Eliana's name means "God has answered" in Hebrew.  God answered our prayers for a child after the heartache of miscarriage. 

 In her ten years Eliana has lived in four houses, a duplex, two apartments, and a townhouse in three different time zones. She has attended a private preschool, two public schools, and has been homeschooled in two different houses. She's been part of six different churches ranging from Mennonite to Methodist.  Perhaps most impressively she's been on no less than 100 airplane flights.  In spite of all the transition she's been through in her 10 years, Eliana is bright, friendly, and resiliant. She's excited about moving to the Chicago area and making new friends.  Last month she took an important step in her spiritual journey by being baptized.  We were thrilled.

Eliana is an avid reader, and her favorite thing to do when she's not reading is plan parties.  She's managed to have 12 birthday parties in 10 years, but her 10th birthday party was the best one yet, with an American Girl theme.  For several years she's been talking about becoming an elementary school librarian when she grows up (a natural choice).  Recently she decided she would like to be a teacher in Ecuador.  Whatever she does she'll do well.  She's mature, level-headed, motivated, and creative.  We love you, Eliana, and it's a joy to be your parents!


  1. Happy Birthday Eliana! You are a sweetheart and we love you.

    The Pike Family

  2. Eliana, You are indeed a very special and very loved girl!

  3. Don't forget her natural gift of languages like mom and dad :)

    Happy birthday sweetie. Angie