Tuesday, March 15, 2011

utterly adorable

You know you've been busy when the thought of completing a semester course (from start to finish) in 6 week's time sounds downright relaxing. Seriously, with my thesis, PhD decision, and last Saturday's speaking engagement behind me, a huge weight has been lifted and I am delighting in the freedom. Life has been on hold for the past 2 months and now I can catch up without feeling as if I'm neglecting something urgent. The kids have enjoyed having more of my attention.

This morning I joined the family for "morning exercises" (a few minutes of stretching before breakfast). I groaned as I tried unsuccessfully to touch my toes. Easton thought he'd be my little helper. He ran over and touched my toes for me!  I may not be limber, but my toes have officially been touched! What an adorable kid.

Emma is soaking in the return to routine and becoming her cheerful self again.   The other day it was time for chores and her legs were mysteriously tired (this often happens at chore time).  I told her she had no choice but to work anyway. A few minutes later she came to find me with a glowing report: "It's amazing, Mom! I reached down to pick something up to obey you and my legs were suddenly healed!  They're not tired anymore!"  Darling. She has decided that she wants to be an author and illustrator when she grows up. Her current project is organizing her bedroom library so that books are available for the general public to check out. She's also busy making lists of books to write someday that Eliana and I "would let our kids buy." She thinks perhaps if she wrote a good plot to go with Hello Kitty or Sponge Bob than I would reconsider my position on popular children's books (which tend to be lacking in substance and style).  I've reassured her that I do think Hello Kitty is cute, and I would certainly want to buy any books she writes, but Sponge Bob may not be redeemable.

Eliana is (gulp) almost double digits now. She's been making big plans for her 10th birthday for over a year now.  Those of you who know her well know that planning parties is the highlight of her life.  It's been so fun to see her maturity this year in planning (the ideas are becoming more reasonable and thoughtful). To help her celebrate we took her to Party City and let her pick out the supplies she needed.  We majorly splurged, spending $30 on decorations to fit her red star, American Girl theme.  (Normally we make do with what we have). I would do that 10 times over just to see her face light up the way it did.  The next morning I was headed to Wal-mart to find a few things we still needed.  She stopped me and looked me right in the eye: "Ok, Mom, now don't go all out.  We already had our shopping spree.  The party is gonna be just fine."  Gotta love that girl.


  1. Your kids are so sweet! I completely agree with your stance on Sponge Bob and Hello Kitty. Emma might enjoy the Ballet Kitty series by Bernette Ford. Ballet Kitty is every bit as cute as Hello Kitty with sweet stories that Emma could probably read herself.

    So many of your stories about Eliana remind me of myself! I love to plan parties and am already brainstorming about my kid's birthdays (both 6 months away). I love that she is into American Girl instead of Hannah Montana or The Jonas Brothers. Good job, Mom!

  2. Thanks, Selah! I'll look for the Ballet Kitty books!