Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pytchley Lane

We feel totally blessed to have been able to live in the world's friendliest cul-de-sac for 4 wonderful years.  Our neighbors have been a delight to know.  Whether working or playing, they are great to be around.  We'll never forget the first day we arrived and began unloading our moving truck.  Martin came straight over and started to carry furniture without even being asked.  When we turned right around and left for several weeks to see family, we came home to a mowed lawn.  Martin, again.  We think he has a lawn-mowing addiction, though he won't admit it.  He must still be in denial.  Sometimes he mows the whole cul-de-sac, "just to see how far a tank of gas will go."  On those days, Kevin will grab an edger and Danny a blower and follow along behind him until the job is done.

Shortly after we arrived 4 years ago Denise planned the first annual Pytchley Parade, complete with tractor rides by Mr. Emerson.  That's not the only holiday we celebrate together.  Most years, Memorial Day includes a picnic, Halloween finds everyone at Carly's house, and over Christmas break we're all at the Emerson's for a cookie exchange and holiday party.  Any tool you can imagine needing for a home improvement project can be found in somebody's garage on our street.  And everyone is happy to share.  For a few years (thanks to Jamie's organizational skills) the ladies of the neighborhood got together almost monthly just to hang out, eat, and talk.  Once they had a surprise baby shower for me, and after Easton was born we didn't have to cook for at least 3 weeks.  (I was thinking I ought to have babies more often!)  The Emerson's built a playground in their back yard for the neighbor kids and extended an open invitation to all.  (Their own kids and grandkids are too old to play on swings, but they like little people and keep a stock of popsicles in the freezer.)  Then there's Kris, who willingly brought Eliana to school for us in the morning for 3 years straight because it was on her way to work and devoted more hours than a part-time job to the PTA.  Speaking of PTA, we've never been to a school event where at least half of those left stacking chairs at the end didn't live on Pytchley Lane.  Servanthood must run in the water pipes here!  I didn't count the number of people who came to a potluck on Saturday (planned by Mrs. Emerson) to say goodbye, but we had a crowd (33?).  When it poured we all huddled together under the edges of Kevin's canopy and a few front porches trying to stay dry.  I am seriously going to miss these people!

P – Playing kickball
Y – Yardwork as a team
T – Talking and Tool-sharing
C – Clean-up after school events
H – Helping each other
L – Ladies’ Nights
E – Emerson Park and Emerson Parties
Y – Yummy Potlucks

L – Laughter
A – Awesome friends
N – Neighbors who care
E – Extra eyes to look out for each other

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