Friday, January 11, 2013

ready or not ...

2013 is here!
And so is the start of a new semester.
This will be my last one as a student.
(As far as I know.)

I entered school at 4 years of age and I've been in school ever since, with only about a 1-year break.

That's 30 years of school. 


This semester I'm taking two classes:

     Christ & Culture — Dr. Daniel Treier
     Ugaritic* Language and Literature — Dr. Adam Miglio

I'm helping to teach one class:

     Exegesis of Deuteronomy — with Dr. Daniel Block and Austin Surls

and I'm grading for another class:

     Old Testament Theology — with Dr. Block

In my spare time I'll be working on the next chapter of my dissertation and on my comprehensive reading list.

Like every other semester since high school, I'm in a bit of syllabus shock. The stack of books and assignments is daunting. But (excuse me for stating the obvious) I find that when I read a lot I learn a lot. Since learning is fun, it should be a great semester!


*In case you're one of the majority of people in the world who have never heard of Ugaritic, let me explain. Ugaritic is an ancient language that was discovered fairly recently and is closely related to Hebrew. It is useful to biblical scholars for 3 main reasons: (1) the vocabulary is so similar that it can help us figure out the meaning of obscure Hebrew words that only occur a time or two in the Bible, (2) mythical texts that depict the religious beliefs of Ugarit shed light on biblical passages, especially those that talk about Ba'al, and (3) Ugaritic poetry bears a close similarity to Hebrew poetry, so comparison of these two bodies of literature brings greater clarity to the Bible's unique message. I'm especially fascinated with the poetry of the Bible, so I'm learning to read Ugaritic to equip me to better understand it.

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