Monday, January 21, 2013

snapshots of Easton

I just LOVE four. Easton is a lot of fun to have around. Here are some recent "snapshots" of Easton being his adorable self.

A wide-eyed-with-excitement Easton: "Dad says that when I grow up and move out of the house I can have any pet I want!" (Kudos to my wise husband who should write a book on parenting!)

An eager Easton: "Mom, do you want to know how I spell guitar? K-E-A-R-E-L-K." (Yes, we worked on "G" sounds after that!)

A wondering Easton: "Mom, why was I born last?"

A hopeful Easton: "Is it my birthday tomorrow?"

An adorable Easton, trying to get through a crowded doorway: "Open Sesame Street!"

A melodious Easton (at the top of his lungs, with voice cracking): "Bless the LORD, O my soul, O my soul..."

An ears-perked-up Easton: "California? That's my favorite place in the whole world!" (I'm not sure how he knows, since he's never been there, but it must at least be his favorite place to say.)

A silly Easton: "My new train's name is 'Slippy Bippy'."

An elusive Easton: "My name's not Easton. I'm Toby." (or Jack, or David, or Scar-face, or Crush, or ...)

An affectionate Easton: "Mom, I love you." (Lucky for me, this is what he says whenever he gets my attention and then can't remember what he was going to say.)

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