Monday, August 3, 2015

a lot of hops

It was Easton's idea. 

We had about an hour before the kids' bedtime and wanted to go outside.
"Let's make a hopscotch of the books of the Bible!"
We grabbed the sidewalk chalk and headed into the quiet street to get started.
"We could just do the Old Testament," he suggested. "How many books is that?"
"39," I reported.
"And how many in the New Testament?"
"27." [This has nothing to do with a PhD in Biblical Theology. What you memorize as a child sticks!]
"And how many is that all together?"
"Wow," he said. "That's a lot of hopping."
No kidding.

We drew and drew, using just the first letter of each book, and then hopped and hopped, trying to hop to the rhythm of the books-of-the-Bible songs we know (which is not easy—you try it!). Then we tried silly hops, jazzy hops, backward hops, dribbling hops, jump-roping hops, and any other way we could think of to traverse our longest hopscotch yet.

When we fell into bed, we were all hopped out, but all practiced up on the books of the Bible, which is a very handy thing to know.

Thanks, Easton.

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