Monday, December 21, 2015

a Bible read-through like you've never SEEN before

I've already introduced you to the Bible Project videos -- the best set of videos on Bible books and Bible themes I've seen to date.

Now for the big announcement... [can I get a drum roll?]

Starting in January, you can join tons of other people in reading through the entire Bible with the help of these videos. Tim and Jon have committed to releasing all 36 remaining book and theme videos in time for you to watch them on your Bible read-through journey! Most people stall out on their Bible read-through by the time they get to Leviticus. But this time will be different. Now you have expert guides to walk you through this obscure book. The Bible Project video on Leviticus is so good, my seven year old says it's his "favorite," and he's watched it multiple times.

Tim and Jon have arranged the entire Bible into readings that will take 15–20 minutes per day, punctuated by videos introducing books and themes as you come to them. You'll end up with a rich course in biblical theology as you immerse yourself in the text.

It's all free. And you can get started right here.

Let this be the year you take the plunge. Join the community. Be transformed.

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