Tuesday, January 26, 2010

good news and bad news

I'll start with the bad news.  I was folding laundry today in the living room (that's not the bad part yet).  When the laundry basket was just about empty I became aware of a noise.  After a moment I decided it was the dryer running.  I paused for a moment, puzzled, because I couldn't recall having washed a load that needed drying.  Furthermore, I was the only adult home.  Another moment passed as I mentally replayed the unloading of the dryer ... the emptying of the lint screen ... the closing of the door ... and (ack!) starting the (empty) dryer.  I jumped up to turn it off.  Now that's scary.  Am I losing my mind?

But here's the good news.  Later this afternoon I was in the kitchen making dinner (no, that's not the good news).  Suddenly I heard a noise.  I decided it was the the vacuum cleaner.  I paused for a moment, puzzled, because I was the only adult home.  Then it hit me.  Eliana is doing her chores, and I didn't even ask her to!!!  Now that's encouraging.  It means that by the time I've completely lost my mind my children will be able to take care of me!


  1. According to Granny, "Insanity is inherited, you get it from your kids!" However, I agree with your perspective! And, good job Eliana!