Wednesday, January 13, 2010

umlauts and bananacotti

Kids say the cutest things!  I cooked manicotti for dinner, which was a first for the kids.  When I told Emma (age 4) what they were made of she announced, "I'm gonna like bananacotti!"

Easton (18 months) still isn't talking, but he keeps us laughing just the same.  Today at lunch I realized (too late) that if I give Easton a new food to try I should watch him eat it rather than researching how to type an umlaut.* I promise that I wasn't staring at the computer screen very long at all, but when I turned to check on him there was cottage cheese in his hair, his ear, all over his face, shirt and pants, with spoonfuls plopped all over the floor around him.  He knows better, but apparently he was testing if the rules are still in effect when mom is on the internet??

*An umlaut is a set of two little dots above certain vowels in German words ... like naive in English.  I would type one for you but I don't know how because just when I was about to try the instructions I noticed Easton... 


  1. Ahh, cottage cheese. What a fabulous food! I'm afraid I don't care for the stuff myself, but somehow I've convinced both my kids it's delicious. I delight in Ali's ability to eat it with a spoon now; trying to get it from in between fingers used to drive me zonkers. Theo is surprisingly good at getting it in his mouth, but he too is quite charmed by the substance and certainly relishes an occasional (sneaked) opportunity to be artistic with it.

  2. I thought it was Emma's way of saying omelet!! Hee,hee. Had fun talking to her the other day!

  3. In case you still haven't figured out umlauts:
    Alt + 132 = ä
    Alt + 137 = ë
    Alt + 139 = ï
    Alt + 148 = ö
    Alt + 129 = ü

    And kids do say funny things. Alec saw Ron Dozier's little girl get baptized a few weeks ago and asked me if he could get "appetized" too.


  4. I have a list of umlauts....but I sure didn't know what they were called. Thanks! CoraLee