Wednesday, August 25, 2010

three keepers

Many a day goes by where I sincerely wish that I could get a transcript of our conversations at home. Each of our kids are in such a delightful stage!  I would, of course, cut out all the whining and arguing and keep stuff like this ...

Emma On Kindergarten (which starts tomorrow... gulp!):

[What I thought Emma said] “I’m gonna look for people who are lonely and scare them...”
[What she really said] “I’m gonna look for people who are lonely and scared and be their friend.”
(Phew! That’s much better!)

Emma: “Will there be math in Kindergarten?”
Mom: “Yep!”
Emma: “Oh, good! Math is my favorite category!”

Eliana on the death of her parents: “Who’s gonna get Rosetta Stone Spanish when you die? Can you put it in your will for me?”  (Evidently it's a hit!)

Easton, holding a can strainer up to his ear: “Hehwo?” (All the cell phones in the room were currently being used.)

Easton, counting straws enthusiastically: “B! O! I! D!” (He gets the idea of counting, but hasn’t figured out the difference between letters and numbers).

And then there was Easton, struck speechless in the grocery store parking lot as a semi truck drove by close enough to see the driver. The driver noticed him frozen there, waved, and then honked (REALLY LOUD!). That was the highlight of the morning. Somehow I don’t remember this stage with the girls!


  1. just loved this blog...children are so amazing...and you capture it so well!
    love mom

  2. Today was garbage day in our neighborhood. We live on a busy corner so we usually hear the garbage or recycling trucks several times on Thursdays. Today, we happened to be outside when one rumbled slowly up our hill. Theo was also beaming. The men kindly waved and when they had passed Theo exuberantly shouted and acted out "waved! waved!" Not all truck drivers are equally friendly, we sure enjoy our waves & occasional honks too. :)

  3. Always so fun for kids to go back and read the things they said when they were young. Hope you are saving these words for them to read later!