Wednesday, September 1, 2010

giving kids the big picture

I can hardly contain my excitement about a new book that just arrived in the mail (in time for Emma's 5th birthday tomorrow)...

'The Big Picture Story Bible'

Unlike other children's Bibles that give a random assortment of Bible stories, this Bible tells the 'BIG' story that begins with creation and ends with God's promise to be king of the whole world.  It's the best of biblical theology, presented in a clear and winsome way for kids.  The story is told in such a way that kids will be able to make connections between key events - like the Passover and Christ's death - and really understand the significance of Jesus' life, death, and resurrection. 

This book is not meant to be the only Bible your family owns.  It picks very few of the stories and does not present many details.  The goal is to give the big picture, so if you have another beloved children's Bible (like this one) you can keep reading it and allow 'The Big Picture Story Bible' to tie it all together.

It does, unfortunately, depict angels with wings, and I noticed that the story of David and Goliath did not incorporate what scholars now know about that event (i.e. that Goliath was likely over 6 feet tall, not 9, and that David's stone probably hit him in the shins, not the forehead).  But these are very minor complaints in light of the huge contribution this book makes to a family's grasp of the message of Scripture.

Hurrah for a forward leap in children's literature!


  1. Hi Carmen!

    Just curious about what new discoveries scholars have made that would change the details of the David and Goliath event. Hope you'e all doing well!


  2. Hi, Heather!

    I guess it wasn't fair to throw that out without substantiation. :) Here's a link to a series of blog articles explaining where the story has gone off track:

    The one problem with studying in seminary is that it tinkers with lifelong assumptions!