Tuesday, September 14, 2010

my curriculum vitae

(With deep apologies for writing more than you have time to read...)

The kids all went happily to school this morning, and I'm working on my resume (or CV, as they're called in academic circles).  I've set a mental deadline of September 30th by which time I hope to finalize where I will apply for doctoral studies.  Finishing my CV is part of the process.

How does this sound so far?

Mother of 3 Growing Children  
2001- present

  Responsibilities include (but are not limited to):
  • procuring food that is both healthy, delicious and affordable and preparing it in such a way as to please the palattes of the entire family
  • selecting and maintaining size- and season-appropriate clothing for all 3 of them (includes sorting, stain-removal, washing, ironing, folding, and lobbying for proper treatment of clothes)
  • maintaining household cleanliness and supervising clean-up crew
  • planning and implementing yearly birthday parties, holiday celebrations, and other events
  • teaching children to count, read, use manners, pray, share, pick up after themselves, throw, stop throwing, jump, stop jumping, and many other things
  • pregnancy, childbirth (2 natural and one c-section), nursing at least one year per child (49 months experience), burping when needed, and changing enough diapers to fill several semi-trailers
  • drying tears, bandaging scraped knees, kissing owies, and giving hugs during thunderstorms
  • healing the sick, maintaining positive relationships with other medical professionals such as doctors and dentists
  • celebrating successes
  • keeping track of homework assignments, field trip permission slips, school newsletters, and the rest of the paperwork that comes in the door at an alarming rate
  • teaching children all they need to know about God, themselves and the world before they hear it in a twisted form from somewhere else
  Awards include:
  • "You're my best Mom" - Emma, age 5
  • "Lovee, Mom" - Easton, age 2
  • "I'm so glad you're my mom." - Eliana, age 9
Whaddaya think?  Should I include all this on my resume?


  1. Absolutely!!! Although, you might want to check to see if "owies" is spelled correctly! :) And, you might want to add driving, encouraging, cheering, grocery shopping, household shopping, bedtime stories, nighttime nursing, hair sylist, packing and traveling to your list of responsiblilities! (Of course, I know you've got a great helpmeet in all of this too.)

  2. YES!!! I would! I truely think that since being a mom I have learned so much more about my own strengths and weaknesses then any other job I've done! Love your blog. Thanks for keeping them coming.