Monday, January 24, 2011

out of the mouths of babes...

I'm still sick. The kids hung out with me for a while this afternoon to keep me company. I heard all kinds of delightful stories from Emma about kindergarten, including this one...

Emma (age 5): I asked all the kids in my class if they believe in Jesus.  And I told 'em if they didn't then they're gonna go where Satan is.

Would this be considered bullying?

We had a good talk about sharing the love of Jesus and not trying to scare people into believing in him.  She assured me that she was not threatening them, just letting them know in case they didn't.  Mercy.  I am glad that she is concerned about her friends' eternal destiny, but there is so much more to the good news than escaping hell!  We'll have to talk more about that.

Easton's story was more on the lighthearted side.  He tromped into the room with his bucket of vehicles and announced, "I'm gonna make a rainbow for each all of us!"  After working on his "rainbow of cars" for a while, he made another announcement:  "I'm gonna clean up now.  I'm not gonna make a rainbow.  I changed my mind."

I wish you could hear him say the word 'rainbow.'  He gives "bow" everything he's got.  S-o-o-o precious.

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