Friday, January 7, 2011


... is a delightfully fun age.  Just listen to what I've heard today:

Easton: "Mom, I need some medicine for my mouff and for my feet to make me better."
Mom: "Really?  What's wrong with your feet?"
Easton: "They are falling off."


Easton (over, and over, and over, all morning long): "I'm going on a date wiff my Dad to Home Depot for lunch!"
Mom (several hours later): "Easton, did you have fun with Daddy at Home Depot? 
Easton: "Yeah!"
Mom: "What did you see?"
Easton: "I see Frosty the Snowman wiff french fries!!!"

[Mom discovers that there must be a Wendy's on the way!  Sweet Easton, who recently learned all about Frosty the Snowman at school, found it fascinating to eat a milkshake apparently named after him.  Yum!]


Easton (randomly): "I'm falling down a waterfall!"


Easton: "Hey, Mom! Let's play Lincoln and Logs!"


Easton (watching me get ready in the morning): "You painting your face, Mom?"
Mom: "Yes, I'm painting my face."
Easton (encouragingly): "It looks nice, Mom."
Mom: "Thank you, Easton."
Easton: "You gonna brush your eye brown?" 
(I suspect he's talking about mascara... and intending to say eyebrows.)
Mom:  "Yes, in a minute."
Easton: "I like your forehead, Mom.  It's nice."

Gotta love this kid!


  1. What great memories you are keeping track is so fun to read the things your kids do and say!! They will love reading this in years to come....I assume you are keeping this in some format that will last...big hugs to all!

  2. Indeed, two year olds are given a bad wrap. Theo's been using, "How about...?" and "Maybe so," quite adorably lately. This language stage is precious.