Monday, January 16, 2012


This, as I now know, is the section of the Dewey Classification System assigned to the Ten Commandments. I suspect I'll be hanging out here a great deal in the next 29 months or so. In fact, if I go missing, you might want to check here first.

A few observations:
  • Wheaton's president has written a book on the Ten Commandments. That's good to know.
  • My topic is ridiculously easy to locate in the table of contents. Most of the books in this section are organized -- you guessed it! -- with a chapter for each of the Commandments. Nice.
  • The location of these books is a bit of a mystery. Wikipedia tells me that the 200's are devoted to Religion, and the 241's to . . . "Christian Moral Theology." What, may I ask, are the Ten Commandments doing in the "Christian" section? Do Jews not write about them?
  • This led to the discovery of another section, also devoted to the Ten Commandments, but this time more appropriately placed on the Old Testament shelves. To my surprise, this section also includes Christian (not just Jewish) reflection on the Ten Commandments. Perhaps it comes down to a coin toss. So, if you can't find me in 241.52, check 222.16.

A quick search in our library catalog for books that are tagged "Ten Commandments" brought up no less than 5,857 items. If my blood pressure just went up, now you know why. I guess I have my work cut out for me!

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