Sunday, January 1, 2012

God's Big Plan for 2012

What does God have in store for 2012?

Eliana (age 10 - 1/2) assured me this morning that whatever it is, it won't be derailed by a few hairs sticking out on one side (as hers were). It went something like this:

Mom: Eliana, let me fix these hairs a minute. They're parted on the wrong side.
Eliana: Mom, it's no big deal!
Mom: It is a big deal, relatively speaking.
Eliana: It's not going to ruin God's big plan or anything!

I suppose she's right! So what is His plan?

Each of us is invited to be part of writing His story for this year. His sovereignty allows each of us to participate in our own unique way. What role is He asking YOU to play?

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