Thursday, January 26, 2012

gotta love 3

Yesterday Easton told Grandma excitedly, "I'm going to be Daddy's age this year!"

He is growing up fast, but we hope not that fast! I have to say . . . I will miss 3. It's one of the best ages ever. Easton is learning so much about the world around him, trying out new words, initiating friendships, reciting Bible verses, trying to read and write, and making all of us laugh a lot.

Here are a few of our favorites from the past week:

Easton, to me, while I was applying lotion to my face: "When I was your age, I used that lotion, too." He must be gradually getting younger. Danny brought Easton's pants to the bathroom and set them on some drawers. Easton piped up cheerfully, "Hey, I said put them on the stool!" Danny said, "No you didn't. You didn't even mention stool." Easton conceded, "Oh. Well, I didn't know that when I was your age."
(Logic comes later, I think, which is why these days we're hearing lots of "becauses" in the wrong places.)

On another occasion he decided to measure himself. Using his fingers to estimate, he 'hopped' them up his entire body and back down again, counting. Then he announced the result: "I'm 19!" I asked him, "19 what?" He said joyfully, "19 feet!"

It's nice having such a tall boy when there might be monsters in the basement. Once he reassured me by saying, "There's no bad guys, just plain guys."

Probably my favorite thing to overhear is when he says, "Eliana, would you like to share a friendship with me?" He likes to reiterate this on a daily basis, and remind his sisters that "sharing a friendship means being nice to each other." Three-way friendships are a little more tricky, but this morning they were happily sailing on the couch together as a threesome—a great start to the day. Easton's teachers report that he is very good about "sharing friendships" with all of his classmates at school. Excellent.

His impulse for friendship and encouragement extends to adults, too. One of my classmates is his "best friend." Recently, out of the blue, he told me kindly, "Mom, I like you just the way you are." To which I replied, "I like you just the way you are, too, Easton!" And how couldn't I? This kid is adorable.

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  1. I loved 3 as well. One of my kids used to hug herself and/or the world exuberantly at some point every morning and say, "Isn't today just the BEST DAY EVER?" I loved the daily attitude check that was for my own soul!