Wednesday, February 1, 2012

coming soon . . . from Daniel Block

For all you Old Testament buffs out there, Dr. Block has several books in various stages of printing at this moment. It would be hard to find a more productive writer! He routinely spins off an article over the weekend while churning out hundreds of pages at a time for commentaries. Amazing.

Don't you wish you could get your hands on Block's NIVAC commentary? It won't be long now!

The good news is that Block’s long-awaited NIVAC commentary on Deuteronomy is undergoing final edits. The page proofs arrived here in Wheaton a few weeks ago, and several of us had the joy of combing all 817 pages to compile author and scripture indices. (I will never again look at an index in quite the same way!) Dr. Block tells me that Zondervan is now doing a final edit before they print it. Unfortunately, the book could still take many months to hit the shelves, but this one will be worth the wait.

Meanwhile, the longer 3-volume (1800-page!) version of Block’s Deuteronomy commentary is under consideration by two publishers. If this one goes to press, it will hopefully include all of Block’s Hebrew diagrams for the entire book, making it an excellent set for teaching exegesis courses.

provisional cover

Yesterday, Dr. Block sent off the corrected page proofs for his second spin-off volume of essays on Deuteronomy. Wipf & Stock published the first volume last fall with the title, How I Love Your Torah, O LORD!: Studies in the Book of Deuteronomy. That volume included essays on particular texts of Deuteronomy. The second volume, which includes essays on themes that span the whole book of Deuteronomy, should be available by the end of next week (Wipf & Stock are FAST!). It is entitled, The Gospel According to Moses: Theological and Ethical Reflections on the Book of Deuteronomy. This photo shows the proposed cover as of last week. If you order a copy directly from the publisher and mention coupon code TGATM, you'll receive a 40% discount!

Wipf & Stock are also publishing a commentary on the latter part of Ezekiel by esteemed Jewish scholar Jacob Milgrom. Milgrom passed away before the project could be completed, and his family asked Dr. Block to oversee the printing of it. Milgrom chose the title himself: Ezekiel’s Hope: A Commentary on Ezekiel 38–48 — Jacob Milgrom and Daniel I. Block In Conversation. It's also at the publisher. Watch for this sometime soon!

Dr. Block also has a book on worship in the pipeline, a short commentary on Obadiah for a new series he is editing for Zondervan, and he will soon begin working on an 800-page commentary on Amos for a series edited by Seow. I’m sure he has other projects up his sleeves, too. Every day around here brings more surprises!

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