Monday, February 27, 2012

kisses and sardines

Easton (3) has been very verbal lately. He loves to explain how things work. His flashlight has a "handy button" that you can push to make the light come back on. His "logic" keeps us all in stitches. Dress-up clothes are a staple of his daily activities, and we never know whether he'll walk into the room as a fireman or a swimmer, a ballerina or a baseball player. Often it's some combination of all four, the more layers the better. He's been especially snuggly as well, and asked the other day, "Mom, may I kiss you on your kiss?" Adorable.

Emma (6) is trying out new words as well, and she doesn't let grammar get in the way of a good explanation. Yesterday, as she wrapped her head with an elastic ice pack (?!), she annouced, "I am busy fascinating my hair." She and Easton often play house (sometimes Eliana joins them), and Emma is always the mom. That makes me "grandma," and I'm now accustomed to responding to "grandma" and ignoring Easton when he calls for "mom" because he doesn't mean me.

We've recently discovered a few new games that the entire family enjoys. Sardines is the current favorite. In case you're not familiar with it, sardines is like hide-and-seek except that only one person hides while everyone else counts. The counters then split up to look for the hider. If you find the hider, you hide with them until only one person is left looking. Our house is ideal for this game, especially with all the lights off, and last night Eliana set a new record. We searched the entire house, thoroughly, several times before I found her huddled in the dark basement shadows. I joined her and another 10 minutes or more elapsed before Emma found us, and then Danny and Easton. Fun times. Easton has been especially brave about searching through the dark house. Sometimes he tags along with one of us; sometimes not.

Last week we enjoyed getting to know our house guest from Germany who was here interviewing for Wheaton's PhD program. She demonstrated just how well-rounded she is by reading to the kids, discussing theology, helping me with German, sharing some of her story, and . . . playing hide-and-seek with us. The whole family was delighted to hear that she was accepted and will be coming to Wheaton in the fall! Whenever she needs a study break she can head on over to our house for entertainment (as long as she brings us German chocolate) :). Congratulations, Eva!


  1. Glad to hear you have some time left in your busy, busy days to play with and enjoy your kids! They are all three just the greatest!!

  2. Sardines! It amazes me that after full days in the library or in class that you still play games with your kids. That's awesome.
    It might make you smile to know that the best place in all of Wheaton for Sardines is the library! After closing on Presidents' Day, a whole group of students played in there. Even without using any of the carrels or locked rooms, it's still easy to search for over an hour before finding the spot.