Thursday, February 9, 2012

life at Wheaton

This is an exciting time of year at Wheaton.
  • Three Faculty positions in Bible and one in Theology are close to being filled. A dear friend of ours is one of the finalists. We're hopeful!
  • Seventeen applicants to the PhD program have been invited to come for campus interviews. (In case you're curious, like I was, three of them are women).
  • Those of us in our first year have written a draft of our dissertation proposals and are getting ready to defend them.
  • Three doctoral students are scheduled to defend their dissertations this semester.
  • The annual missions conference is next week for undergraduate students. I'll be speaking in a breakout session on 'Spiritual Formation for Missionaries: Lessons Learned from the Field.'
  • In March a special conference on Evolution and the Bible will be held on campus.
  • In April the Wheaton Theology Conference will take place. This year's focus is Bonhoeffer.
  • The campus is undergoing a complete overhaul of vision and major strategic planning that will affect both facilities and programs for years to come.
Your prayers are appreciated for these major decisions and events. If you're interested in the advice I have for candidates who are coming to interview for the PhD program, check out the Wheaton Blog.

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