Saturday, August 13, 2011

a dream coming true

The stress of relocating as a family of 5, followed by 27 days of living out of suitcases, is gradually subsiding.  Each day we're a little bit closer to being settled in our new home.  The picture of what life will be like here is coming into focus.  Best of all, the joy is trickling back into my soul.

It was hiding out for a while, behind towers of boxes and mounds of laundry, under piles of toys and stacks of paper.  In its absence was something like resolve, with twinges of anxiety.  Grit is a poor substitute for passion, though.  One of the German proverbs I was asked to translate this summer read something like this: "One who wants to can do more than ten who have to."  So true.
I'm happy to report that my "want to" is back, along with the joy that fuels it.  I've met twice now with Dr. Block, and I have to agree with one of his former students who told me that he is the world's best supervisor.  He has put me at ease and put me to work all at once, and that takes a special gift!

This journey will not be easy, but God has moved mountains to bring us here, and I'm excited to see what He has in store for this season of our lives.

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