Friday, August 19, 2011

onward and upward!

The German exam is happily behind me.  It was not nearly as painful as it could have been.  I won't find out until next week how I scored. 

Meanwhile, Multnomah University, my alma mater, has just published my story on their blog.  You can read it here.  I was honored to be asked to write for their "Alumni Connection," and I hope that our journey will encourage many other alumni to step out in faith in response to God's call.  God is full of surprises, and He loves to do the impossible!


  1. Hey Carmen,

    Great to stumble upon your blog here in the blogosphere. Just read your story; congrats on starting your PhD at Wheaton. They have a great program, I was looking into it myself (I was in contact with Daniel Trier). Instead I will be, Lord willing, starting a PhD in Systematic Theology by distance hopefully sometime this year (funding is pending).

    Anyway, glad to have found your blog; and great to see that you are able to do the PhD and be a wife and mom, not an easy task.


    Bobby Grow (from Multnomah ;-)

  2. Bobby,

    I've been terrible about replying to comments this year. It's great to be in touch with you! Jordan Barrett said the two of you bumped into each other in the blogosphere. Fun. I hope you've been able to dive into a program yourself. If so, drop me a note. I'd love to hear about it!