Sunday, August 7, 2011

planning (way!!) ahead

This is not a joke.

Emma (almost 6) is already packing for college.  She picked out some nice looking shoe boxes that she found in the mess of moving boxes and asked if she could please have them.  When I asked what she needed them for, she told me quite seriously that they were just the thing she had been looking for so she could pack for college.  I don't believe she's in a hurry to get there, but when the time comes she'd like to have all her special things along.

She can also see into my future, apparently.  While sitting through her great grandma Dorothy's funeral service I caught her gazing at me.  "You're gonna be a grandma some day,"  she whispered.  "Yes, I hope so, when you grow up and have children, " I replied.  Then there was a long (should I say pregnant?) pause, while she gazed at me some more, and fingered my hair.  "'Cause I see all that white hair streaming down."

I just hope that she goes to college before I'm a grandma.


  1. She is quite a thinker!!

  2. Yesterday the kids and I ran into Alicia. She was Alec's VBS leader in 2010. He gleefully shouted "Miss Carmen!" and gave her a huge hug. Even though he was mistaken, I still thought it was sweet to see how much he loves and misses you.