Wednesday, June 2, 2010

glue or nails?

Emma (age 4-3/4) is strapped in her car seat pondering the best way to put on a roof.  "They could have used glue instead of nails!" Most roofs in our neighborhood are in the process of being replaced thanks to a recent hailstorm.  Just about every day another house on our street gets a makeover.

"Glue?" I asked her.  "Why?"

"It would be quieter, and it wouldn't waste so many nails," Emma explained.

"I would be worried that the hot sun would dry up the glue and crack it so that the shingles don't stick anymore."

"Good point," she conceded, but went on thinking. "What if they glued Jesus to the cross?"

I had to fight to hold back laughter.  It just hit my funny bone!  "Well, that certainly wouldn't have hurt as much, but they were trying to hurt him."

"Do you think he cried?" She shuddered, "I sure wouldn't want to be Jesus!"

"Well, the good news is that he did it so you wouldn't have to!"  I love happy endings, and so does Emma.

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  1. Love Emma's questions! That must have been some hail storm! We had some here but the worst it did was beat my newly sprouted Zinnias into the ground!