Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Our littlest kiddo is getting to be a big boy! Easton turned two yesterday. We're celebrating two delightful years with him as part of our family. What a gift! Here are some of my favorite things about him:

He is so sweet and loving, and enjoys snuggling.
He likes to be part of whatever we're doing!
He sings. Most often the Hallelujah chorus (which is beginning to sound a lot more like Hallelujah than it did at first). :)
He loves books. (Score!)
He has a cautious nature in new situations rather than barreling into trouble.
He loves animals (real or stuffed), and plays trains like a pro.
It is so fun watching him discover the world around him.
His number one priority each morning is finding every family member (or asking where they are). His best words are all of our names, and he uses them any chance he gets. So precious!

We love you, big boy!


  1. Happy Birthday, Easton!

  2. I like my post idea better . . . but this one will do. :)

    You do have great kids.